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At Axis we believe in great partnerships and that means sharing our expertise. Our blog is an excellent way to do that, helping you extend your knowledge of industrial storage and interior design.

Understanding CDM 2015

Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (often known as CDM 2015) have an important impact on businesses considering commissioning construction work. Ken MacKay, Managing Director at Axis Solutions shares his knowledge and expertise on how to ensure that you understand the regulations and the responsibilities that come with them. If you are considering commissioning construction work then it makes sense to have a good grasp of the issues connected with CDM 2015 and the obligations on you as the business commissioning the work. You may be planning to commission the storage [...]

4 August 2017|

7 successful storage and workshop solutions for the aerospace industry

20 April 2017|

With a number of clients in the aerospace industry, we've been developing our knowledge of the best storage solutions and workshop equipment. Here are our 7 top storage and workshop products, ideal for managing heavy parts and working efficiently in the demanding aerospace sector. When we supply storage solutions to a client in the aerospace sector we always carry out a site [...]

SEMA setting the standards

10 January 2017|

Find out more about SEMA, the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association, and why we invest time and effort in maintaining  SEMA standards and contributing to the association. SEMA is the trade body in the UK who promote and control standards for the design, manufacture and installation of storage equipment. This covers racking systems, shelving, mezzanine floors, so it is right at [...]

5 of the best pallet racking solutions and why we chose them

4 January 2017|

The best pallet racking solutions are the ones that are designed to exactly meet a particular storage challenge. It’s always about making the most of the space. It’s always about providing excellent storage density and accessibility. Here we look at a few different pallet racking solutions. These are real life solutions to real life racking challenges. Solutions are always chosen [...]