5 of the best pallet racking solutions and why we chose them

//5 of the best pallet racking solutions and why we chose them

The best pallet racking solutions are the ones that are designed to exactly meet a particular storage challenge. It’s always about making the most of the space. It’s always about providing excellent storage density and accessibility.

Here we look at a few different pallet racking solutions. These are real life solutions to real life racking challenges. Solutions are always chosen to have the best impact for the business involved.

1. Narrow aisle pallet racking

Narrow aisle pallet racking is a great choice where space is limited and high levels of accessibility are needed. Very narrow aisle (VNA) is a popular choice too. The narrow aisle system can mean 100% access to every pallet in the warehouse, making access fast and efficient. The aisle width can be as low as 1600mm, with automated picking devices a popular choice.

Find out more about the range of narrow aisle pallet racking.

We supplied a narrow aisle pallet racking system to Euronete, the world’s leading supplier of fishing nets, wire and fibre ropes and related fishing gear. Quite simply, this was the right solution, to make the best use of the available space.

2. Powered mobile pallet racking

Powered mobile pallet racking is another option for space saving, radically cutting down on the aisle space. Pallet racking bases are designed to move electrically, so all the racking is moveable and only one aisle space is required for access.

We carried out an installation of powered mobile pallet racking for Axis Shield Diagnostics in Dundee, creating a highly successful storage solution for this satisfied customer.

Find out more about powered mobile pallet racking.

3. LIFO or FIFO or FILO?

For many pallet racking installations decisions about the nature of the product and the planned stock control will be right at the heart of the discussion. A key decision will be whether to use LIFO (last in first out), FIFO (first in first out) or FILO (first in last out).

  • Pallet racking systems using LIFO are drive in pallet racking and push back pallet racking.
  • FIFO is particularly important for perishable goods. An example of a pallet racking system using FIFO is live racking.
  • FILO is relevant for stock with longer life where density of storage is important.

For example Lunar Freezing operate a LIFO system  and Inverarity Morton operate FIFO.

4. Drive in pallet racking

Drive in pallet racking creates high density warehouse storage and is ideal where stock rotation frequency is low. Drive in and drive through pallet racking systems are designed to store large quantities of similar pallets. Pallets are placed so they slide backwards on a rail, meaning deeper storage and higher density in the warehouse.

We supplied a drive in pallet racking solution to Lunar Freezing in Aberdeenshire.

5. Live storage

Where products have a short life span a FIFO system is ideal and live racking comes into its own as the solution. Roller conveyors are used to control pallets. The conveyors have brake rollers installed to control the pallets as they pass down the incline.


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