7 successful storage and workshop solutions for the aerospace industry

//7 successful storage and workshop solutions for the aerospace industry

With a number of clients in the aerospace industry, we’ve been developing our knowledge of the best storage solutions and workshop equipment. Here are our 7 top storage and workshop products, ideal for managing heavy parts and working efficiently in the demanding aerospace sector.

When we supply storage solutions to a client in the aerospace sector we always carry out a site survey to establish the specific requirements. This means we can propose the best product for the particular needs. We offer this service whether we are supplying and delivering only or supplying and installing.

1. Heavy duty pull-out shelving

Our heavy duty pull-out shelving is ideal for storing fixtures and parts that are placed onto the shelf level using an overhead crane. Choose from a range of size and weight options and select colours if required.Aerospace solutions racks

  • Standard sized fixtures and parts up to around 1,200mm wide and deep or 1,200mm diameter can be stored on standard bays up to 1,290mm left to right x 1,260mm deep with standard clear entry widths available of 890mm / 1,090mm / 1,290mm and standard depths available of 860mm / 1,060mm / 1,260mm.
  • Most variants of the above sizes can be accommodated e.g. 890mm clear entry width x 1,260mm deep with weight capacities around 800Kgs to 1,000Kgs UDL per Pull Out Level easily accommodated and either 65% shelf extension (central lifting point) or 100% shelf extension (multi point lift including towards rear of fixture).
  • 2,000mm high frames are the most commonly used. The operator can stand on the ground level to hook or dehook the fixture or part.
  • Over and above the standard sized bays, we can look at non standard bays- either wider bays for larger oversize but lighter parts on shelf levels e.g. 3,000mm clear entry width  x 750mm front to back to store parts weighing up to 250Kgs each or for heavier standard sized parts on shelf levels e.g. 1,500mm clear entry x 1,000mm front to back to store parts weighing up to 2,000Kgs each.
  • Shelf levels can vary by product type depending on what the fixture is and if any coolant etc is present-
  • 40mm thick chipboard infills (with or without plywood lining).
  • Steel top tray (with or without rubber matting).
  • Empty pull-out shelf framework for the customer to source the infill e.g. 40mm thick perforated nylon sheet
  • Accessories include side and rear cladding panels, roller shutter doors and upright corner protectors.

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2. Workbenches

We supply a wide range of workbenches to meet clients’ needs, including:

  • Heavy duty benches where the leg framework is made up of stands bolted together by stringers (horizontal rails) and then a worktop is screwed to the framework.
  • Framework benches – similar to the heavy duty workbenches as above with a lower uniformly distributed load.
  • Benches with storage below – choose from one or two drawer cabinet. Cupboard units can be placed within the worktop footprint with varying drawer configurations (to suit requirements) and a 1,500mm or 2,000mm long worktop is fixed to the drawer cabinet or cupboard units.
  • Also, we can offer a single drawer cabinet or cupboard unit on one side with a separate support stand on the other side which allows the operator to sit at the workbench.
  • Various worktops are available including multiplex, laminate, steel clad, lino, beech and ESD laminate.
  • Bespoke workbenches are also possible to suit individual sizes and work processes.

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3. CNC tool storage

Axis supply CNC tool cupboards with either double doors or roller shutter doors, cupboard housings with no doors, free standing louvre panels, mobile trolleys and also drawer cabinets to store CNC tools.

  • Storage options are available including sliding shelves, drawers and flat or inclined tool carriers.
  • A wide range of tool holding inserts are available to suit all tool types and sizes (tapering and straight tools)

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4. Pallet racking and shelving

We supply a wide range of pallet racking as well as shortspan and longspan shelving is available to suit varying needs for storage areas. Mesh decks, timber decks, steel decks and chipboard decks available to support the product being stored.

  • Shortspan shelving bays can be subdivided into different parts and all systems have a vertical shelf adjustment to allow changes to be made later on if the part size changes later on or if the shelf levels were to be compressed vertically to create additional levels (providing the uprights have spare capacity).
  • Sprinkler systems can also be supported off the rear or centre of pallet racking runs to meet the customers’ insurance requirements.

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5. Barriers

We also supply a wide range of barrier solutions which can be tailored to your requirements. Our barriers include fully steel welded barriers, bolted steel barriers (posts and rails) and a range of plastic barriers with many different types, heights and styles.

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6. Mesh products

We offer a wide range of mesh products:

  • Anti-collapse mesh – fixed to predominately the rear and also the sides of heavy duty pull-out shelving, pallet racking and shelving, anti collapse mesh helps to prevent spillage of product onto walkways, work areas and prevents access.
  • Machine guarding – machine guard mesh is installed fully around a machine to prevent unauthorised use or to prevent an operator from coming into contact accidentally whilst the machine is working.
  • Access is available via a lockable door which includes the option of an electric lock to ensure that the door cannot be opened whilst the machine is working.
  • Mesh decks are installed onto pallet racking or shelving beam levels to support the product being stored and the allow the passage of water from the sprinklers between beam levels in the event of a fire.

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7. Lockers

We can supply a full range of lockers for all needs from single compartment to 16-compartment lockers, clean and dirty lockers, janitors’ lockers, ultra slim lockers, disability lockers, cube lockers, garment dispenser and bulk collector lockers, PPE lockers, clear door lockers, laminate lockers and laptop lockers.

Most lockers are available in varying sizes and varying lock types including CAM lock (key), hasp and staple lock (padlock), combination lock, coin retain lock, coin return lock and RFID lock.

A range of standard colours are available for carcasses plus doors.

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