SEMA setting the standards

//SEMA setting the standards

Find out more about SEMA, the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association, and why we invest time and effort in maintaining  SEMA standards and contributing to the association.

SEMA is the trade body in the UK who promote and control standards for the design, manufacture and installation of storage equipment. This covers racking systems, shelving, mezzanine floors, so it is right at the heart of what we deliver. It makes sense to contribute to this group as it is not only about demonstrating the quality of what we deliver at Axis Solutions, but also about ensuring the highest standards of quality across the sector. Basically, it’s good for everyone!

Axis Solutions is a founding member of the SEMA Distributor Group and I sit on the SDG Council.

The Council is a really active group. It meets four times a year for a proper face-to-face meeting and then there are a further four teleconference calls between meetings.

This is not just a talking shop. The council sets the agenda for the development of the SDG group, including quality and safety standards and the criteria for membership. It is an influential group, setting leadership, direction and standards for the industry.

A key objective of the SDG is to differentiate member companies from others in the industry. This is achieved by a stringent 31-point audit process, conducted by an independent third party, which all members must pass before being accepted for membership and every 3 years thereafter.

Axis Solutions, I’m delighted to say, achieved the highest accreditation of Highly Commended, achieving a score in excess of 90% when we were last assessed. This is extremely important, both to us and to our clients as it is how we stand out and really demonstrate our credentials.

For customers, the benefits of using an SDG member are that they can really depend on their supplier for

  • Assured industry knowledge and expertise
  • Product selection and design to industry and manufacturers’ guidelines and codes of practice
  • Quality and safety built in to all stages of the process
  • Installation by SEIRS accredited installers
  • All of the above subject to independent audit.

Buyers would not enlist the services of plumbers, electricians or heating engineers without first ensuring they had appropriate qualifications and experience to do the work. The SDG qualification means that clients can be certain that suppliers of racking are suitably qualified and can deliver a well-functioning and safe warehouse environment for customers and their employees.

Originally a manufacturers’ association SEMA now has associated membership for distributors and installation companies. They also undertake training and issue accreditations for storage equipment installers (SEIRS) and rack-inspectors (SARI).

SEMA publish a range of technical documentation and Codes of Practice with the objective of promoting quality and safety within the storage industry.

Ken MacKay, MD

You can find out more on the SEMA website.

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