Automated storage retrieval systems

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Automated storage retrieval systems for efficient storage

Automated Storage Retrieval Systems (ASRS) consists of a variety of computer controlled options for automatically placing and retrieving loads of various sizes and weights from a defined storage location.

Our ASRS solutions are ideal for a range of settings. These include warehouse and distribution, defence and aerospace, retail distributors, workshops and production environments. They bring together the very best in picking and placing technology with high density storage solutions. Our aim – to ensure the most efficient approach to storage.

Meeting your industrial storage requirements

At Axis we work in partnership with our customers to design and install Automated Storage Retrieval Systems. We are committed to accurately and consistently deliver to our clients’ precise requirements. Each unique system is designed to improve efficiency, increase productivity, reduce pick times and provide security of product in a clean environment.

Improving the value and efficiency of your space

Automated storage solutions are ideal for high volume storage where space is at a premium. Your ASRS solution will be tailored to address your specific handling requirements.

Our range of industrial storage solutions provides flexible and comprehensive options. We can help you to make the most of your space.