Drive in pallet racking

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Drive in pallet racking

Drive in pallet racking creates high density warehouse storage and is ideal where stock rotation frequency is low. Drive in and drive through pallet racking systems are designed to store large amounts of similar pallets by eliminating aisles and introducing lanes. Storage will be several pallets deep which produces a higher density of storage at the expense of selectivity, with storage operating on the FILO (first in last out) principle.

Pallet racking to meet your business storage requirements

Drive in pallet racking can be used in warehouse, stores areas, third party storage and distribution, regional distribution centres, cold stores, retail, manufacturing stores. We can advise on the best pallet racking system for your specific requirements, and help deliver the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Individual pallets are supported so provides safe block stacking of goods thus eliminating damage from crushing.

Benefits of our drive in systems include:

  • Cost-efficient, compact storage
  • High volume use
  • Safe storage of pressure-sensitive goods

We can help you design and install the best drive through pallet racking system, taking the particular nature of your business into account at every stage of the planning process.

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