Heavy duty pull-out shelving

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Heavy duty pull-out shelving from Axis Solutions

If you are planning to store heavy items on easily accessible shelving systems, then heavy duty pull-out shelving could be the right answer. These versatile systems are designed to provide the right storage solutions for heavy items that are loaded either by hand of by lifting gear, including 100% extension of shelves.

Designed for your shelving needs

Axis Solutions can design and install a system to suit your requirements. We ill accurately assess your requirements and use our expert knowledge of industrial storage solutions to design a pullout shelving system tailored to your needs.

Pull-out shelving provides good access, high levels and visibility and can be designed with a wide range of relevant features to match your specific needs. The storage of heavy items demands robust solutions that will stand up to wear and tear. We’ll bring our experience and expertise to ensure that every aspect of your requirements are considered at the design stages and implemented at installation.

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