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Narrow aisle pallet racking for efficient and flexible storage space

Our narrow aisle pallet racking systems provide highly effective use of space. We aim for easy accessibility and efficient stock rotation. We can work with you to assess the best solution for your business. We provide detailed drawings and see the project all the way through to completion.

Making the best use of storage space

Narrow aisle and very narrow aisle  (VNA) solutions are ideal in a range of settings. They can be used for warehouse, stores areas, third party storage and distribution, regional distribution centres, coldstores, retail, manufacturing stores and many more applications.

Specialist narrow aisle or articulated forklift trucks are required to access products.

Our narrow aisle pallet racking systems offer:

  • An aisle width down to 1600mm resulting in a dramatic increase in space utilisation
  • 100% accessibility to each pallet
  • Excellent stock rotation

We can offer advice and expertise, ensuring your pallet racking solutions is the best available. Find out more about our industrial storage solutions.