Pallet racking for the food sector

//Pallet racking for the food sector

Axis Solutions recently provided pallet racking for food sector company Moorhead & McGavin at their base in Motherwell. The project involved redesigning the layout and supplying and installing all new pallet racking to provide the right storage for a range of raw and finished food products.

Best known for their own Osprio product range, Moorhead & McGavin have been suppliers to the food service and manufacturing industry since 1923.

The company previously had pallet racking installed by Axis many years ago which had served them well. However, it was time for change. They needed to expand the number of pallets stored and use more of the warehouse space for pallet racking.

Pallet Racking for the food sectorThe aim of the project was to create the maximum pallet storage within the existing warehouse footprint. The original pallet racking design had 25  bays and all of the other pallets were block stacked in lanes which was not efficient as this did not allow for stock rotation easily.

The redesigned layout now has 107 bays along with capacity to increase storage in certain bays. Additional beams were supplied as spare levels to provide flexibility.

The company’s products include rice, pasta, cereals and pulses, dried fruit and cereal flours. As well as their own Osprio label, they produce many own label products. Their product ranges include gluten-free flours and healthy snacks.

The result of careful planning was a number of different bay sizes to suit specific pallet sizes and weights for particular products.

The work involved completely dismantling the existing pallet racking. We then supplied and installed new racking to suit an articulated fork lift truck aisle of 2,050mm.

Moorhead & McGavin were trading throughout the works apart from two days over the Christmas holidays, which we used to move ahead with the work. The installation works were phased to allow normal work to continue. Space restrictions meant careful planning was essential throughout the project. Racking deliveries had to be made at at specified times and every aspect of the project thoroughly managed.

Commenting on the project Stuart Wilson, Sales Executive at Axis Solutions said, “We worked very closely with Moorhead and McGavin and the fork lift truck supplier to achieve the maximum number of pallet spaces and the highest level of efficiency. We listened carefully to the customer’s requirements and took on board their preference for a little bit of extra “elbow room”  both the aisles and racking bays for safety and efficiency reasons.

The work was completed in mid January 2017.



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