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 Spaces that work for your staff

We understand that the welfare of your staff is of prime importance. Not only that, but a safe and stimulating working environment can help you retain your best people and get the most from them. We can help you design staff areas that deliver results, helping your spaff make the most of the time they have at work away from their desks. Our expertise extends to:

  • Canteen areas
  • Staff rest areas
  • Locker rooms
  • Meeting areas
  • Training facilities

From design to delivery, we can work with you to create the right environment to get the best from your people.Customer satisfaction, quality and value for money are all at the top of our list!

Product list

Take the time to design staff areas that really benefits the people who use them and your business will feel the benefit. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Axis offer effective and valued solutions for personnel staff/locker areas.

Providing ideal staff security and an important facility for the storage of personal clothing and valuable items (mobile phones, wallets, tools etc.), the Axis range is available in a number of product styles, finishes and configurations.

Transforming your staff amenities

An important area of the Axis workspace focus is in your staff welfare and your staff areas.

Our range of lockable cupboards provide that vital security for personal and work items, to ensure the creation of a relaxed and committed work environment.

Transforming your staff work experience

Axis can help you create training and meeting room facilities that are both functional and effective. We have a wide range of seating and flexible table systems which can be reconfigured simply and quickly for changing requirements.

We can also provide audio-visual solutions to enable you to deliver first-class presentations.

Transforming your staff areas

Axis delivers stylish and effective solutions for all types of staff canteens, cafes, bistros and breakout areas.

Our impressive range includes canteen, cafe, bistro and breakout tables, providing robust  and/or stylish and easily cleaned/maintained furniture, and seating/chairs (wood, fabric, leather) through to armchairs, sofas and bar stools.

Transforming your staff welfare

Axis can provide a number of solutions to help you create the right space for your staff. For office, canteen, meeting room and toilet areas, we can deliver the right solution to provide a stimulating and enjoyable work environment for your staff.

Transforming your staff areas