Pull-out shelving for the Northern Aerospace

//Pull-out shelving for the Northern Aerospace
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Project Description

In a successful project for the aerospace industry we designed, supplied and installed pull-out shelving for Northern Aerospace in Consett, County Durham.

New client, but established connections

The Manufacturing Development Manager at Northern Aerospace had worked with Axis Solutions in the past, when he was based with another company. So we were delighted when he got in touch to see if we could offer Northern Aerospace the right solution.

Meeting the needs of the Aerospace industry

Northern Aerospace is a leading supplier of precision machined parts to the aerospace industry. With 600 employees and 33,500 sq m of manufacturing and distribution facilities they design, manufacture, assemble and deliver components to leading aircraft manufacturers. Their clients include Airbus, Boeing and Gulfstream.

Working with the client, meeting the challenge

The challenge at North Aerospace is the storage of major components that are in the process of being manufactured. In particular, they need to store fixtures that are approximately 2,740mm long x 600mm deep.

We worked closely with the client to design, supply and install pull-out shelving. We designed the shelving so the fixtures can be loaded by overhead crane, stored in a safe manner and protected from damage.

The major issue in the project was the size of the fixture being stored. Although it was light in weight (around 250kgs) the shelf needed to be 3,000mm long.

From design through manufacture to delivery

The team at Axis Solutions worked with Northern Aerospace to design a bespoke sized bay to suit the fixture length, weight and 100% pull-out shelf extension (to suit lifting points). A rubber mat was specified for each shelf to prevent metal to metal contact. This was important to prevent damage to the fixture.

Also, Northern Aerospace requested a sloping top on each bay to prevent rubbish etc. being stored on the top level (dust cover) and mesh sides to prevent side and rear access whilst the shelf level is being pulled out or stored.

The bays were assembled at the factory and transported to site and installed with the framework fully built up, ready for the shelf levels to be installed.